Will there be a successor to Polestar 1?

Will there be a successor to Polestar 1?

“Will there be a successor to Polestar 1? It could be. But will we? That’s another question,” says Max Missoni, Polestar design boss.

“Our strategy now is to have a halo-car in the shape of the 1, followed by the entry-level model 2. We are adding the 3. For us, this is the right way to grow and establish the brand. With these models, we should be able to sell 90 000 cars a year, 60 000 on account of the 2 and 1500 on account of the 1. What happens after that is still a business secret,” says Missoni.

Eternal life as a study model

Polestar needed the 1 to introduce a model that attracted attention quickly. The design comes from Volvo’s nursery, which used the model to introduce the design language of the current generation of Volvo cars. The intention was to give the study model in the eternal museum life. When Polestar was conceived as an independent brand, the idea arose to use the highly-positioned concept car as a starting point. Otherwise, it was just too much of a buzz.

Strictly limited edition

Polestar builds the 1 in a strictly limited edition. The total volume is divided over three production years. The circulation is not yet forgiven, but for this year and part of next year, the sales volume has already been sold. The first one came in April. The remaining seven this month. These are copies of the factory, as there are paint problems with customer care. To accommodate the buyers of the 158 000 to 163 000 euro coup√©, Polestar put a replacement one. Moreover, to the satisfaction of the customers, who praise Polestar’s service.

Easy start

The one was used by Polestar to put itself on the map as a brand so that the volume model 2 would have an easier start. And now the third type -the 3- is on its way and is already working on the Polestar 4. These three will be an SUV with a car length of five meters. The car builder doesn’t yet know what it will look like. It is too early for that. The Swedish car makes with production facilities (one for the 1, a second for the 2) in China thinks it is still too early to talk about its third model.

Nevertheless, management and the design department are eager to express their ambitions that it has designed and built a concept car. The design study should have made its world debut at the Geneva 2020 Motor Show, but as is well known, the car show was canceled at the very last moment. The model indicates that the design language is changing.

Volvo concepts

The one as two were born as Volvo design models and marketed as Polestar. 3 is a different story. “The 1 and 2 are real Polestar models. There’s no doubt about that. In the case of the one, it was quickly clear that that model plays a perfect role as a halo-car for the brand. The pricing, the level of performance, the materials used such as carbon fiber, the low circulation: it’s extreme. The design is Volvo-style. The two may have started as a Volvo concept, but if you take a good look at the car, it’s not the same as Volvo products. It hardly differs from the Volvo concept. Volvo didn’t need it afterward, and we at Polestar thought: we can use that model as a compact fastback. For us, the two are perfect,” concludes Max Missoni. The original design of the two also took petrol engines into account, but for the 3, Max doesn’t have to look at that. Polestar will present the three next year. With those 2 and 3 in the program, Polestar might not need a niche model.