Rivian checks out Tesla and makes big plans for the future

Rivian checks out Tesla and makes big plans for the future

Rivian may be a newcomer to the electrical world, but the brand has concrete and ambitious plans for the future. That’s why it’s also looking to the successful players in the EV market.

One of the major advantages Tesla has over its competitors is the Supercharger Network. Where almost every other manufacturer works with external parties when it comes to charging infrastructure, Tesla has taken matters into its own hands right from the start. That turned out to be a hit. As a Tesla owner, you can set off – almost – without any worries because the Supercharger Network makes your life much more comfortable. The car always tells you exactly where a charging station is, what the best route is, and how long you need to charge to get to your final destination. And you never have to mess around with passes or subscriptions: just plug in your car and charging begins.


Although the charging infrastructure is improving, few manufacturers are yet setting up their charging network. This is logical because there are also charging stations where everyone can charge their EV. What’s more, it would be chaos if each manufacturer rolled out its network. That is why many large manufacturers are doing business with Ionity and Fastned, for example, to significantly improve the network of fast chargers.

However, Rivian, the American start-up that will soon be showing the R1T, is going after Tesla. The brand has already stated several times that it wants to roll out its network of charging stations in – for the time being – North America. To realize this, it has also hired experienced former employees of Tesla.

Rivian Adventure Network

It does have a slightly different view on the locations of those charging stations. The network, which gets the name ‘Rivian Adventure Network’, is rolled out at ‘adventurous places’. Think of national parks, camping sites, and so-called ‘off-roading pit stops’. After all, the Rivian R1T will be an electric pickup that should feel good off the beaten track. And then, of course, you also have to build charging stations at places like that. Rivian owners will also have access to the charging stations of external parties, but this way, the brand wants to ‘close a gap’.

Rivian plans to roll out charging stations with a maximum payload of 200 kW. Each charging station has two plugs, so two vehicles can always be charged at the same time. This is also necessary because the R1T carries a large battery of up to 180 kWh between the axles. A capacity of 105 or 135 kWh is also possible.

Market introduction Rivian R1T

Incidentally, it recently became clear that Rivian is forced to postpone the market introduction of the R1T. It was planned to bring the car on the market as early as this year. Due to the corona crisis, it postponed that introduction until next year. A second model is also planned. Under the name R1S, the make is also releasing an electric SUV.