Electrification for successor Porsche 718 under investigation

Electrification for successor Porsche 718 under investigation

Whereas Porsche only prepared the latest generation 911 for a future with an electrified powertrain, the German car builder may be going a step further for the successors to the 718 Boxster and 718 Cayman. Hybrid propulsion and an all-electric powertrain are being investigated, as is a six-cylinder engine.

Of course, Porsche is looking at an electrified 718 Boxster and Cayman. During the development of a new model, the car builder always takes a close look at all the possibilities. Whether or not it will come to that depends on the results of the research. One of the determining factors is how the market reacts to such development or change. Whether the six-cylinder will return depends, for example, on how the market reacts to versions such as the GT4 and the GTS.


But the man responsible for the 718 and 911 product lines, Frank-Steffen Walliser, also says in the Australian media that larger engine volumes will return for the cars to meet Euro 7 emission requirements. The standard will come into force in 2026. The power sources are preferable, Walliser says, to electrification or turbos. “In 2026, the next wave of regulations will come with EU7, the strictest regulation in the world in terms of emissions, especially in the spread between real driving emissions and what we see on the test benches,” Walliser says. “It means everyone will have to build new engines, and we’ll see bigger engine capacity again”.

20% swept volume

He expects the swept volumes of the new power sources to increase by 20% as a direct result of the EU7 standard. This prompted Porsche to look at the return of the six-cylinder for its regular 718 versions. But there are other options, he states in the interview with the Australian press. “Can I imagine an electric sports car? Yes, of course, I can. I think we had our first taste of the 918 Spyder. So I certainly think we can do a very good electric sports car,” says Walliser, who ruled out developing an electric 911. “You’ll have to wait a while to see what the outcome will be,” he concludes.

Chinese market

The project leader indicates that large engines are again unfavorable for a market such as China, a market that benefited from the development of the 718 with its blown quadruple. Downsizing is important over there because taxes are paid on the basis of cylinder capacity. China is now a forerunner when it comes to the sale of electric cars. All this feeds the idea of bringing out the 718 Boxster and Cayman with pure electric propulsion.