DMC Ferrari 812 is not for cramped car parks

DMC Ferrari 812 is not for cramped car parks

With this DMC Ferrari 812 Superfast, you need the space. Cramped parking garages are not recommended.

Whether it is a parking garage, the McDrive, or any other tight situation, it’s always wary with a modern supercar. Not only are they big machines. Often you have to deal with very expensive rims that you don’t want to damage. As if the Ferrari 812 Superfast wasn’t thick enough yet, DMC takes it a step further.

The 812 Superfast has been on the market for a while now. At DMC, they took the time to come up with something for it. Just like with the F12berlinetta, the tuner has gone well loose. The result is 812 with a body kit that makes the supercar even more full.

The Italian GT has got enough unique features so you can easily recognize it as a DMC. It starts from the front view, with an even more prominent grille. At the back, DMC has added extra aerodynamic fuss to the Ferrari 812. In Maranello, they will undoubtedly cry when they see these kinds of modifications.

The atmospheric V12 with 800 hp is enough. You would think. At DMC, they go one step further. The tuner screws the power to 831 hp. You can hear it arriving well with a new exhaust system made of titanium. According to DMC, the top speed is almost 350 real kilometers per hour.

Everything had to be bigger, including the rims. They are 21-inch at the front and 22-inch at the rear. It stands on a seriously thick rubber. At the back, it measures no less than 335/25. Smoking up the tires is, therefore, not an inexpensive smoke show. The body kit is completely made of carbon fiber and can be delivered in any color you want.