BMW X2 xDrive 25e: the details

BMW X2 xDrive 25e: the details

They are also working hard at BMW to expand its electric range. By 2025 they want to add 12 new electric models and 13 plug-in hybrids to the field. Today it is the turn of the X2 xDrive 25th to be shown to the public. The introduction of this plug-in hybrid will take place in July 2020.

Renewed X2

BMW presents not only the X2 xDrive 25th but also the renewed X2. The changes aren’t massive. For example, the lighting has been changed: there are no longer fog lights in the bumper. These are now incorporated in the LED headlights. Furthermore, more high gloss black elements have been added, such as at the lower air intakes. You can now also opt for the extra body-color, namely, Phytonic Blue metallic.

BMW X2 xDrive 25e

Up to 57 electric kilometers with X2 xDrive 25th

The battery pack, placed under the rear seat, has a gross capacity of 10 kWh. This allows the X2 xDrive 25th to drive up to 57 kilometers electrically. An empty battery pack takes about five hours to recharge at a standard socket fully. With BMW’s iWallbox, this would take just over three hours. Charging up to 80 percent can be done in 3.8 and 2.4 hours, respectively.

BMW X2 xDrive 25e

System power

The X2 xDrive 25th is powered by a 125 hp and 220 Nm 1.5-liter three-cylinder petrol engine that drives the front wheels, combined with a 95 hp and 165 Nm electric motor that drives the rear wheels. The system power is 220 hp and 385 Nm. The sprint from 0 to 100 takes the X2 xDrive 25th 6.8 seconds. Its top speed is 195 km/h, in electric mode, it stops at 135 km/h.

Various driving modes

With this BMW, you can choose from three different driving modes:

  • AUTO eDRIVE: In this basic driving mode, the combustion engine and electric motor work together to maximum effect.
  • MAX eDrive: the all-electric mode.
  • SAVE BATTERY: this saves the battery capacity for later use. For example, this is useful if you know you have to drive the last few kilometers in the city center.
  • BMW X2 xDrive 25e

The recommended retail price of the X2 xDrive 25e is 51600 euros.