Alpine must become fully electric

Alpine must become fully electric

The parent company Renault is in financial difficulties. In the meantime, a bridging loan has been agreed with the French government. To obtain this credit, the manufacturer has to come up with serious measures. For example, the vehicle fleet has to be electrified even further. However, there are now big question marks surrounding the sister brand Alpine. How should we proceed with this?


Renault’s sister brand has been causing headaches for a long time. Alpine is aimed purely at a select group of buyers of sports cars. However, these cars are not of the same quality as you are used to at Porsche. In other countries, sales are also quite difficult.

Because of these problematic sales, there are now thunderclouds hanging over Alpine. Every year Renault has to add money to keep the brand alive. Given the current situation, this is not a desirable situation. Many people fear for the survival of the brand.

Electric Alpine

A condition imposed by the French authorities is that the brand must market more electrical models. We cannot hide the fact that Renault has worked well on this in recent years. However, the government thinks that this can be done a bit better.

From that point of view, an all-electric Alpine may be considered. More top executives within Renault indicate that this step is very well possible. With this change, Alpine suddenly becomes an electric-only brand of Renault.


The thought is logical, but the steps that still have to be taken are more complicated. At the moment the Alpine sports cars are still being produced in Dieppe. However, this production facility is not suitable for the production of an electric vehicle. Of course, it is an option to make this production location ideal for the production of electric cars. However, the costs involved are not insignificant.

It is then more logical that Renault chooses to assemble the electric Alpine in another factory. When this happens, the factory in Dieppe may be closed down completely. The latter is in the context of further cutbacks within the French brand.

Also, a new CEO will take office on 1 July. Luca de Meo, flown over from Seat, will have to guide Renault through this difficult time. The difficult task also lies with him to choose the future of Alpine. Undoubtedly it won’t be long before we know more about the choices he will make. We secretly hope that Meo will give in to a fully electric Alpine.